Lottery Powerball Tips

Lottery Powerball is an awesome game of chance. You really have nothing to lose. It’s a rarity in this game, almost as rare as getting struck by lightning. Powerball has everything to do with chances, luck, and pure dumb luck. But, with Powerball, you can actually increase your chances of winning the Powerball jackpot.

Lottery Powerball Tips

Did you know that Powerball also has the worst odds on the jackpot? I didn’t either when I first started playing, and I’ve tested the odds of winning the Powerball (5-1-1) using different tools and calculations. Based on these tools, I’ve developed my own Powerball Power Rankings. What do these rankings have to do with the best way to play Powerball? Oh it doesn’t matter at all, I’m sure you mean to give the highest or lowest odds as far as your payout is concerned. That’s just not the point.

The point is, these rankings are based on the probability of your six numbers attaining the Powerball jackpot. When I did some number crunching, I found that the exact Powerball values are usually 9.29%. Once I realized this, I further improved my Powerball Power Rankings. These rankings are based on the probability of your six numbers attaining the top positions in the anticipatedlette wheel. Once again, I’ve verified these against the actualreal life results.

Based on these Power Rankings, which are independent and objective, the following are the estimated chances of your 6 winning numbersPosition # Wins Probability 1 8.51%2 15.23%3 13.47%4 9.Irreversible 5.56%6 12.13%7 22.22%8 12.66%9 24.45%10 20.00%11 13.23%12 21.45%13 13.80%14 20.45%15 27.50%16 27.90%17 30.74%18 30.35%19 28.57%20 28.15%21 25.15%22 25.75%23 23.95%24 23.43%25 23.22%26 23.60%27 24.17%28 24.42%29 30.64%30 30.16%

As you can see, the first ten positions are nearly impossible to achieve. From ten to twenty, the likelihood of six numbers attaining the top positions is more difficult, almost impossible. From twenty-five to thirty, the likelihood goes up in the range of ten to fifteen percent, but still nowhere near twenty percent. The top numbers in the middle range can be done in two ways, either by consecutive number groupings or by None. Either way, the likelihood of achieving success is tiny. While the top numbers may be more reasonable to attain, the odds of doing so are tiny.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be discouraged by having only two or three of the top numbers; it’s perfectly possible to come up with a handful of numbers, the likelihood of which is small, but there are enoughawebsite goldminesin the middle range to enable you to get back to being a regular. If you’re determined to do this, you might do well to add up to ten pounds to your budget for lottery spending, and purchase more tickets. While the chances of winning the jackpot prize are the same as if you purchased none, the odds of winning, at approximately 1 in 13 million, are much better than if you’ve only purchased the minimum amount.

Online Lottery Sites Goldmine your Winning Strategy

If you’re an amateur player, you could join a syndicate and there would be a lot of chances of winning money. As an insider, you could improve the odds considerably. Online lotteries such as the UK Lotto and Euro Millions are much better for joining than the Euro Millions Powerball in the January 2011 draw.

Rickrolling is a great strategy that almost every lottery player uses. It’s almost impossible to win the jackpot if you don’t play, but the chances of winning Individual Country coverage are much better. Euro Millions Powerball doesn’t have Individual Country Lottery entries very often; you’ll notice that Damon Hunt won the then largest prize, whilst using the technique.

To conclude, don’t be discouraged by having only two or three of the best numbers. It’s quite possible to secure a larger return by working with a syndicate. Please read my other articles for more tips on saving money on lotteries. The odds of winning a prize are always very slim, but you could win as much as £10,000!