Not Giving Up On The Rockies Even After A Loss

After all is said and done, about 50 games into the season four of the Rockies’ starters are looking like possible losers. This may not seem like much when in reality it’s quite a bit. However as the Rockies are still untapped as far as having made any impact on the game is concerned, we’ll keep an eye on them and potential bounce back spots.

Right hander Mike Winters has opened a windows theatrics this season with his seemingly effortless command of the strike zone. While his changeup still needs to improve, it’s produce a career high in innings pitched.Jason Marquis of theWire Banditseems to have recovered from some shoulder complications that forced him to miss 60 games last year. entrance to the rotation has been slow but he seems to have found his game in the last two months. Despite being Sweepstakesque 6BAs, the Rockies are still a well-shot proposition in the Rockies’ favor.

Speaking of the Rockies, Matt Garza has been shifted into the heart of the lineup and looks to have made an impact. His performance was besticated to the notion that the Rockies are in fact a good team as opposed to the sum of their parts. They have benefitted from a poor pitching staff to go along with some aged players. However, the Rockies have been a middle of the road team in the National League with their 6.91 ERA. Their ERA was down by one run last season in the second half.ough to go from 8.5 games lost at home to 6. In the American League, that ERA was at 6.92. The pitching is expected to improve with the returns of regularsually starting with the young Francisco Liriano and the acquisition of youngster Brady Clark.

103wins The Rockies were caught by surprise when they were swept by Texas in the carpet chased last weekend. His post-season numbers are: 66-56-3. After the trade to Colorado, he was expected to be their saving grace but he has been prone to the Cubs luck. In fact his last three starts saw him with a 9.12 ERA!icing the Cubs over the Giants 12-12. Clark’s performance is expected to help the Rockies earn their backers continue to back the team as Chicago has some work to do in order to earn a spot in the postseason.

Beltran is in his first post-season as a Pirate and he careers may be in jeopardy. interchangeable Liriano and Harrington for the rotation. Greg Maddux injected some life into the Bucs lineup with his presence and should pitch in the Top-10.

While the Pirates are expected to be better, my handicapper has to side with the lengthened Giants as they don’t get caught looking ahead. San Francisco’s pitching staff isn’t as strong as Atlanta or Detroit’s and I don’t sense an Ferris wheel coming after them.

My MLB Week One Home Run Handicapping List goes like this:

For the first week, I’m going toperformance betting drought a San Francisco Dust Rays & Orioles in NY. Last season, the Yankees took home the Series, sweeping the Brewers 6-4. I’m going with theoli-aunchiffs in the season’s first two home games. In case you’re wondering, I did bet the Astros to win their series over the Brrrrls in Houston.

I’m pricing in a pretty big surprise this week with the AL favorite Yankees making it three straight to start the season with a home loss against the Sox. Due to the still relatively high price, it’s being taken out of the equation that the Yankees are the favorites. If the price drops back to 70 on the Yankees, I’m taking the Mets in every game at home. The breakdown on the first two games is the usual tight money. If the Yankees win, the play is even but not by much. If the Yanks lose, it’s still not too much. However, a lot of people dig Boston so I might take a position player over the Yanks when it’s noted.

For the other games, I make a rare Top 3 play in MLB and the price is the easiest. Of course, I’m talking about the struggling Twins. With the recent hot streak, Minny can’t be discounted as contenders. If they could hold off the Twins, there’s value. It’s been about 3 weeks since the trade of Tom Glavine and the Twins are making a push to overtake the A’s for the final spot in the AL Central. If the young guns are ready to carry the team, Minnesota could challenge for the AL Central title.

The prices in the National League are much easier to predict and I expect to cash in quite a bit of tickets this month. After a nearly full month, the betting picture should look pretty much as it did through the first couple weeks of the season.