Texas Holdem Strategy – 3 Super Simple Strategies That Will Double Your Money

Are you frustrated that you still lose money playing poker? Well these Texas Holdem strategies are the answer.

The best way to make money playing poker is to develop a Texas Holdem strategy. Sometimes this is as simple as deciding which hole cards you play and which you don’t. However, it’s not as simple as you think it is.

It’s not just deciding what cards you will play from which position; it’s also how you play them. And how do you play them?

The crux of the matter is pounds per second. Or to put it another way, how often do you get dealt good cards?

My friends, I’ve been playing poker since the age of 13. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve gotten a lot of experience and I’ve built a lot of skills. But, I still lose money playing poker. Whether it’s ring games or cash games, I lose money.

I’ve found that a good strategy is to identify the source of your negative feelings. If you are always losing money, find out why. Because if you can’t identify why you lose, you will never be able to change it.

Now, if you are constantly losing money playing poker, find some way to increase the amount of money you are losing. It could be a buy-in to a tournament you would have to buy into, it could be a little raise you would have to make on the blind to get some extra money on the table, it could be a re-raise you would have to make at some point to get more money on the table.

How Often Should You Fold?

That’s a good question. All of those situations sound great until you get in the crunch. You need to learn exactly when to fold.

Every time you get dealt cards; even if you are folding, you need to evaluate your cards and your opponents’ cards. If you are playing premium hands, this skill will be very obvious. You will know when you can’t win with the hand you are holding and it should be the first thing you get out of your mind.

However, most of the time you won’t have a good idea when you can’t win. The cards that don’t like you are called “dead money”. You need to be more aggressive in these situations. Therefore, your opponents will be sitting at the table with less money in their hands because they have less to stand still.

How are you different from other poker players?

You are probably aware that there are different levels of poker. Each has a different skill set, different opponents and a different way of playing the game. The best players play at the highest levels of whatever poker game you are playing. They are confident that skill sets will help them win.

If you are not confident you will win, then you probably aren’t going to make it through the whole game. One thing about the best poker players is that they are very patient. This means that they wait for the right hands and opponents, and once they have the right cards, they get out and capitalize on their opponents’ fear of losing money.

Don’t be the player that needs to learn the game. Become the player that knows the most about the game.