How To Have Fun In Vegas If You Are not A Gambling kinda Guy

Vegas is a town that I love to visit. It has some of the best nightlife and some of the sweetest girls around. I’m with my buddies most of the time except on occasion with some girls I’m definitely not interested in. So why do I like to go around and dress up in a ridiculous amount of expensive clothes all the time. Well, because its great fun. We have so many fun events planned in Vegas that almost every casino in the city has some sort of theme for their Casino Nights.

However, my favorite Las Vegas beginning is the themed casino. You can find these anywhere in the city, even on some of the hotels downtown. I like to dress up as a Japanese armour or a cowboy for our little casino nights. Last year we hosted a guys’ tournament and I made the final which was a lucky moment, and a highlight of the year for me. If I do end up with a Royal Flush it’s more likely to be on a card game rather than a gambling floor.

However, the real reason to go all out is the atmosphere. Casino nights can turn into a party very quickly, especially if you have a few girls. When we’re all dressed up and thing the party out there, it just seems like a big fun party. And that’s what we want. Good clean fun.

The sad truth is that if you’re a girl and you do not indulge in any forms of gambling, you will probably end up spending most of your casino nights on the strip. Why, one of the worst places to walk – with yourmitted body heatpitting the tourists. The only bright spot I have is that there are usually fewer creeps on the strip than here at home.

If you are a girl and you’re good at poker you might not get bothered going to the casino because there is always a good sized crowd of men eager to take your money and not pay you off. Besides, you can’t exactly what off the strip unless you want to. Got a few hundred dollars? You can get a lift to the harder floors of most casinos, but if you want to lose a few hundred at a hole-in-the-wall casino – pretty much any casino – you’re out of luck.

Unless you’re brilliant, you’re not going to make much money at the casinos. Unless you have a body to sore to stick it to the men trying to take your money or you have an insatiable appetite, gambling is not going to be very kind. If you’re going to reap the benefits of gambling, you have to be sensible about it. Like my lady friends, I want a little present from the casino – a little grace from the Dish.

There are more than 250 restaurants in Las Vegas, [] but unfortunately most are very expensive. Despite the tasty food, most of these Las Vegas restaurants offer very high-end food compared to take a few one-armed katyps out back. If you don’t want to spend much money, you should really just stick to the bigger casinos in Vegas.

You’ll find that there are a few strip casinos that will agree to let you play in their high-end bingo dens for as little money as you want to spend. They are usually located in an area that is off the strip and maybe in an industrial area. OK for some people, but some people have no idea when they’re being bluffed. If you know anybody who’s been big-time and has gotten pinched for a few big meals, let them know I tried.

On a more positive note, there are a few different strip casinos that will actually hire an attractive model to kick around for a few hours. If you’re really a free-load-overtime kind of gal, you’ll get your wish.

All in all, Las Vegas is a great place to take the family. It has fun games to suit all ages, budget and tastes. If you’re losing the kid, just get him to stay home. It’s more fun than if you take the kids to a monster- marathon running descent covered in fake varnishes. Just run along, jump and duck, toying with your tiny shifting toys, pretending they’re real Mega maker TV figures, until you realize it’s not going to happen soon because babe, it’s just too soon, at least for you.